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Anyone interested in learning the game of Mahjong is invited to the clubhouse on Tuesday, October 30th at 1:00 pm.

Mahjong is a fun, ancient game of Chinese tiles. Meg Clemens and Kathy Powell will explain the basics of the game and see if anyone would like to play regularly. Hopefully, we can have at least 4 people willing to join us.

It’s a fun game and not too difficult. It just takes a little practice.  Hope to see you there!

Kathy and Meg

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A wasp/hornet nest has been spotted on Trailside Island across from #24 Trailside Dr. Since this is not near where residents would typically be, we have decided to not upset the ecosystem and let it stay. Just be careful not to upset them if you are in the area. Here are two pictures:P1380282 proc,

P1380283 proc 

If they come trick-or-treating don't let them in!



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In early July John and Phylis Ohanian noticed a very thirsty moose outside their house. Yes, the moose was actually drinking from one of the irrigation heads as you can see in one of the below photos.

Thanks John and Phylis for sharing these photos!

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At our recent outing to the Stonewall Kitchen class, the group of participants talked about planning a local women’s excursion to Newport, RI. The dates we selected are October 24-26, 2017. Plans include trips to a few mansions, shopping, walking, enjoying the views and, of course, some good times gathering. We will leave The Fells around 9:00 on the 24th and leave Newport around the same time on the 26th.

We have done some research and the best bet financially and location-wise, is the Windham Resorts. This is right on the water and within easy walking distance to shopping and restaurants. The suites include two bedrooms (one with twins and the other a king) 2 bathrooms, a living room with a sleep sofa (which we hope to not have to use depending on the number going) and a small, but full kitchen. The units cost $500 per unit total for two nights including taxes. We are planning on 3 people per suite so that each will have their own bed. We will determine who is assigned to each unit and bed via a drawing once we know how many people are going. Seems like the fairest way .

The cost per person will be no more than $200 for both nights, and perhaps less depending on how many participate. See table below for costs.


Number of People              Suites           Total Cost for both nights
3                                             1                     $167
4                                             1                     $125

(Someone will sleep on sleep sofa)

5                                              2                     $200
6                                              2                     $167
7                                              2                     $143

(Someone will sleep on sleep sofa)
8                                               3                    $188
9                                               3                    $167


If you would like to join us, reserve your spot by calling Julie Williams (6 Trailside Dr.) 858-0921. A deposit of $100 is due to Julie by July 21. The final payment will be due to Julie by September 21. We will have a meeting at 7:00 that evening (9/21) at the clubhouse to discuss and plan specifics of the trip. A little wine to inspire our adventure will be provided.

This should be a fun women’s getaway (sorry, guys---we know you will miss the shopping). We are also talking about a women’s journey to Iceland, Paris/Normandy, Eastern Italy or Norway and Sweden in spring 2018. We are looking for accommodations that would allow for private rooms with minimal additional expense. Let us know if you are interested in this by contacting Julie.

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cleanup day 2017Despite the drizzle, fog and threat of downpours, about 40 residents appeared at The Fells clubhouse to conduct our annual spring clean-up! Many thanks to all the volunteers who swept the street, helped clear the walking path, washed windows in the clubhouse, planted and cleared the gardens around the pool and mail hut, cleaned the mail hut, and picked up trash along Baboosic Lake Rd (alas, more has appeared since then). We had many bakers who served coffee and goodies upon completion of the work. It was a great way to celebrate our accomplishments! You can see pictures of some of the volunteers here.

Thanks again to all, and hope to see you when we do the fall clean-up!?

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Fells Turkeys.jpg


Turkeys found behind the homes on Trailside ~  likely avoiding the Proverbial Pot!


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If you were up and listening this morning you may have heard a series of "whooshing" sounds echoing across our peaceful neighborhood.

Thanks to many vigilant neighbors we have a great collection of photos to share with those that missed it. Enjoy...

(If anyone else has photos to share send them to and I'll add them to the gallery.

Click on the Read more... link below to watch a short video...

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american woodcockI don’t know if anyone would be interested but there were three neat birds under our bird feeder in front of our house this morning (out only during the day to avoid the bears). One of them came up on our front porch near our front door so we were able to get a good look at it. I had to go on the internet to identify them and found out they were woodcocks. I’ve attached a picture of a woodcock.


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turkey vulture 2016Brian Moyer just sent me a photo he recently took near Vale Court in Phase 3.

Somewhat scary but from what I can tell not a threat to small pets. Confused

Here is a short excerpt from a September 2015 news report on the the WMUR News website...

"Once a rare sight in the Granite State, the turkey vulture has made a comeback. Large, silent and an expert at soaring with the air current, these birds feed mostly on carrion.

There were 77 spotted flying over Keene Sept. 4 and included in New Hampshire Audubon's Rare Bird Alert for Sept. 8.

In the 1930 and 1940s, a sighting of a turkey vulture was a huge deal. If they were seen at all in those years, it was in the far southern part of the state.

Now they are more common and can be found in all of the state's counties. They are particularly noticeable to hikers as they soar alongside the ridges and mountaintops at this time of year."

If you are interested there is a short article written in 2014 on the Union Leader website: Turkey vultures not commonly seen in NH until fairly recently

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Trivia NightFor the fourth year now The Fells fielded a team to compete in the Annual Friends of the Library Trivia Night to benefit the Amherst Town Library.

This year the team consisted of Team Captain Rob Clemens, Steve Abramowitz, Gerry Francis, Joy Garwood, Bill Loscocco, John & Judoe Post, Mike Ronayne, and Kay Steeves.

The competition consisted of 8 rounds of 10 questions with each question worth between 1 and 5 points. Team Fells got off to a great start and was in 1st place through round 3. We were clearly in the hunt from round 4 through round 7 until we hit round 8 where the category was "Who said it?". We did ok in round 8 but missed some of the higher scored questions ending the night in 3rd place (out of 18 teams), just being beat out by Summerfield for second place by 5 points. The first place team won by a large margin that would have been difficult to overcome even if we had answered all 10 questions in round 8 perfectly.

Here is a note from our Team Captain: "Thanks to all for a great Fells performance at last night's Trivia event. We represented our community proudly and had some fun doing it. And, of course, the Amherst Library is the ultimate beneficiary. I'm already looking forward to next year's event and an opportunity to beat Summerfield! ~Rob

Some of the questions we missed throughout the evening were:

  • What was the Sargasso Sea named for?
  • Triton is the largest moon of what planet?
  • In 1997, what country was the last to use the guillotine to execute someone?
  • In what country was Saint Patrick born?
  • What US President said "There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America"?

 If you know the answers to these questions we look forward to you joining the team for next year's competition.

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