As we finally enter the full beauty of summer, the board felt it would be a good time to remind residents of the lines of communication for issues with landscaping as well as a review of what our landscaping contract does and does not provide.

Who do I contact for landscape issues?

Contact Andrew Knight with Foxfire, our property management company. Email is best to reach Andrew and, if you'd like, you can copy the board If you want to speak with Andrew, his number is (Tel. (603) 228-2151 Ext. 322). Andrew will maintain a log of requests and will contact Brian Labrie as well as the board, if necessary. Please do not contact Brian Labrie or any of the workers directly. Every time someone stops a worker or any contractor who is on site, you delay the completion of the work to be done. You may think, “It is only a quick question,” but many “quick questions” from various residents add up to significant delays for everyone.

What is covered by the association’s contracts?

The Association contract covers:

  • Mowing and trimming of grass.
  • Fertilization, lime and weed control of grass.
  • Irrigation systems infrastructure, external to the house.
  • Irrigation startup and winterizing as well as repairs to broken sprinkler heads.
  • Spraying of weeds on stone edging around foundations.
  • Trimming of ornamental shrubs in front garden beds (trimming of trees is the owner’s responsibility).

Owners must take care of:

  • Replacement or removal of dead shrubs and trees.
  • Trimming of trees.
  • Trimming of owner added ornamental shrubs.
  • Weeding of mulched beds. (Since owners are allowed to plant flowers and perennials in their mulch beds, the landscaper will not control weeds in these beds in order to prevent over-spray and damage to plantings.)
  • Water to irrigation system must be turned on in April (startup) and shut off in Oct. (winterizing).
  • There is a control system for programming the time of day and duration of exterior watering in every home. It is the resident’s responsibility to set these controllers and ensure their lawn is being watered. A fee may be charged if the landscaper is contacted to set your controller. If you do not know how to set your controller, please contact the board. A neighbor may be able to help.

Owners should submit a board request for approval before:

  • Adding any new planting bed.
  • Enlarging any existing planting bed.
  • Planting or removing any tree.
  • A board request is not necessary if adding flowers and perennials to existing planting beds.
  • A board request is not necessary if replacing a shrub in an existing bed with another similar shrub.
  • Board requests may be submitted via the online tool on the Fells website.

And finally:

  • Spraying of weeds on stone edging around foundations is planned for June 18, weather dependent.

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