Thank you to everyone who shared their opinions on solar energy at the Fells. 63 responses were received to the recent survey. The board wanted to share a summary of the results and next steps with the entire community. As you may recall, this survey was sent out as a follow-up action item from a previous information meeting. The survey was not meant to be a formal vote. 

Results on the three questions asked were:

  1. “I am in favor of allowing residents to have solar panels on their homes in The Fells. I understand that the panels and system would have to meet architectural guidelines established by the Board as well as approval by the Board of Directors.”
    RESULTS: 54% - NO / 46% - YES
  2. “I would be in favor of allowing residents to have solar panels on the back of their homes only.”
    RESULTS: 52% - NO / 48% - YES
  3. “I am in favor of putting a solar system on the clubhouse to defray electric costs. These panels would need to be on the front of the clubhouse.”
    RESULTS: 43% - NO / 25% - YES / 32% - MAYBE

Question 4 asked those who answered “NO” to the earlier questions to comment on why. Question 5 allowed general comments on solar. Several trends emerged.

• Concerns about aesthetics, detracting from natural surroundings.
• Financial concerns, both about payback for owner installing solar AND home value impact on neighboring homes without solar.
• Support for allowing solar, making a positive impact on environment.

So, what’s next?
No decision has been made yet to proceed further with solar exploration. The board will work with the solar committee to consider any next steps, if any. The board has determined that any decision to move forward allowing solar panels would require additional information and approval by a community vote.

And as always, the board can be contacted at

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