As you know, we have two snow storms headed our way this weekend. It is time for us to send out our annual reminder about walking at The Fells during snow clean-up. While some of us may enjoy the look, feel and quiet of walking in a snow storm, PLEASE do not do this when the crews are trying to clean the nighborhood for the following reasons:.

  • Our streets are narrow and the plow driver needs to focus on looking at the snow to be removed.
  • Visibility is not good when it is snowing and the driver may not see you.
  • The snow may be hiding nasty ice on the roads.
  • If the crews have to stop or work around you, this slows the clean-up process.

If you have a dog who must go out, please keep your walks limited to that which is "necessary." Wear bight clothes and carry a flashlight. If you see the plow coming, try and get as far off the road as you safely can.

We greatly appreciate your consideration of this important advisory. Please be careful and stay safe!


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