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The Fells Board of Directors has approved two options for the installation of railings to assist residents in navigating the stairs off the front porches of our homes. The two models are depicted below:


The board has selected Crowe Fence and Deck Supply as our preferred vendor. Here is a link to their website:  Crowe is aware of the options we have approved and will work with you to determine the best installation for your model. The installation costs vary according to the construction used in building your steps. The “Request for Exterior Modification” (REM) form does not have to be submitted if residents are using Crowe to do the work since they have the pre-approved designed. If working with another vendor, residents must submit a REM.

At the annual meeting of The Fells Condominium Association on December 7th a number of questions were raised about various items of interest to Fells residents. In a number of cases follow-up was needed.  Below are the items of interest with contact information for each:

Railings for the Front Stairs of Homes at The Fells

Fells Board Approved Front RailingFells Board Approved Front Railing

A number of residents have expressed interest in having railings installed on their front stairs to make it easier and safer in the winter and at other times of the year. The Board has done some research into types and styles of railings that are in keeping with the overall look here at The Fells. If you are interested in having railings installed please contact Nathaniel Leach at Foxfire - or by phone: (603) 228-2151 x316 and he will provide you with additional information. The price for these railings installed has been quoted at $955 (option without top 1 foot tie-ins to columns is $895).

Brochure for the currently approved railing for use at The Fells: pdf 2015 Keylink Outlook Railing Data Sheet (1020 KB)

[Please note that any outside modifications to the homes here at The Fells require Board approval and that items like railings will have to meet our requirements (in process).]

Shoveling a Path to the Propane Tanks

For some time now the Board has been looking into having the paths to our propane tanks shoveled as part of our snow removal contract. To date we have not been able to secure a cost-effective contract. However, we are looking into a few creative ways to take care of this for people that need, or want, it done for them.

If you would like to have your propane tank path shoveled for you please contact Nathaniel Leach at Foxfire - or by phone: (603) 228-2151 x316.

Note: One of our creative ideas is to enlist able-bodied residents who already shovel their own paths to volunteer to take on one or two others in the neighborhood. Please contact Nathaniel if you are one of these people and would like to add your name to the list.

Recycling Pickup at The Fells

There have been a couple of attempts to add curbside recycling here at The Fells but the overall interest across the community has traditionally been low. However, this subject has come up each year and each year we have new residents so it warrants revisiting from time to time. At the moment there are a few people that have contracted with Buckley Disposal Service at a cost of $4.00/week for this service. If we get more people to participate in this service the costs will go down. At some point if we get a majority of the residents to participate we can revisit adding curbside recycling to our regular trash pickup.

If you are interested in, and in support of, curbside recycling at The Fells please contact John and Barbara Chase at or by phone at (603) 554-1927.

Exercise Room Equipment

John Olexa asked if it were possible for some additional exercise equipment to be added at the Clubhouse. John was thinking that a stationary bicycle might be a nice addition and we do have room.

If you currently use the exercise room and would like to see some additional equipment added or if you don't currently use the exercise room here at The Fells but would be more likely to use it with the right equipment, please contact John Olexa at or by phone at (860) 874-7235 and let him know what additional equipment you would like to see. If there is enough interest in the community we may be able to find room in the budget for it.

Replacement Trees and Shrubs

This past Spring and early Summer there was an attempt to coordinate the purchase and replacement of a number of resident-owned trees across The Fells. We never got to a point where this could be done - largely due to the high prices we were given by our landscape contractor. At the meeting Bob Most offered to coordinate this effort again with a target of early to late Spring 2016. If you are interested in having any trees or shrubs replaced please contact Bob Most at or by phone at (973) 543-5000 and let him know what you are interested in.

Please note that the "street trees" that were planted when your home was built can only be Red Maple to maintain the consistency across the neighborhood. Also, any other trees or shrubs that are within your limited common area are your responsibility so the cost of replacement is yours.

mulch volcano4You may have seen Mike Hennas, our Arborist, around Hobbs, Glen Court and Tarleton this week working on the trees with piled up mulch (volcanoes). He is cleaning off the extra mulch and cutting off certain spur roots near the surface. He is probably saving many trees that would have otherwise died within a few years. The cost of this remediation is already covered in our budget and will ultimately save us money for replacing trees in the coming years. Mike will get to the younger trees on Fells Drive later this year or next. For more information you can checkout this article: Say No to Mulch Volcanoes

Below you can download and read the results of the survey recently offered to residents of The Fells. The Board of Directors would like to thank those who took the opportunity to respond. The results of the survey, along with costs and impact on the community, will be taken into consideration as the board considers the three issues addressed in the survey.

Download the Results Here: pdf The Fells Survey 2014 Summary (130 KB)

The new awning policy and garage sales policy for The Fells are now published to the website. While there will be certain restrictions it will now be possible to get approval for the installation of recommended and pre-approved awnings for your deck.

You can access the twn new policies here:


Weather permitting - the end of this week (9/13) LaBrie Landscaping will Aerate and Over-seed the lawns at The Fells.

Core Aeration - pulls small plugs of compacted soil from the lawn areas to let in water, air and fertilizer. This will help the lawn breath and take in valuable nutrients. Over-seeding will help to fill in weak areas and thicken up healthy areas of the lawns.

The meeting minutes from the December 10th Annual Meeting are available here for download. Note: You must be registered and logged into the website in order to access these minutes.

pdf  Annual Meeting Minutes - December 10, 2012 (42.35 kB)

Meeting MinutesThe Fells Community Document Library will be continually updated with the latest meeting minutes and other important documents from our Board of Directors.

All meeting minutes and other documents are available for download and for reading in the popular Adobe Reader (PDF) format.

Because these documents are only meant for members of our community you will have to login to the website to access them. If you need help logging into your account please contact Mike Ronayne at or (603) 672-3898.

The minutes from the Annual Meeting held on June 28th are now available for download.

You must be logged in to this website in order to access the minutes. Once you have logged in there will be a link visible below that will allow you to download the minutes. If you have any problems please contact me and I will help.

{reg}Download the minutes:  pdf  Annual Meeting Minutes - 2012 (73.63 kB) {/reg}

To all of our neighbors and friends. Many thanks to all those who attended the informational meeting at the Club House on Monday evening. We, the newly elected Board, welcomed the opportunity to bring everyone up-to-speed on where we are in the transition process. We will keep you informed during this last month before the transition is complete.

To: Fells Residents April 4, 2012
From: Board of Directors

Transition with Stabile

In the transition from Stabile to the Association, we are concerned that it is clear and in writing what Stabile is responsible for and what will be the association's as we go forward after June 1. We want to know what you expect from Stabile. On our list for the association as a whole versus individual homeowners are:

  • Roads/Drainage
  • Main Septic System
  • Clubhouse/Pool
  • Landscaping/trees

The purpose of this message is to ask if you have any outstanding issues with Stabile for your home and property. These should be documented as part of the transition and taken care of before June 1 or have a commitment from Stabile to correct it and when.

Please respond to John Post at Please also respond to acknowledge receipt of this message so we don't miss anyone and later get into an "I didn't know" position.

Thank you for being involved in the transition and we look forward to your support. This community belongs to all of us.

Ken Bridgewater, President ~ Doug Keith, Secretary ~ John Post, Treasurer

budget image iconThe Fells budget committee met yesterday to review and approve the budget for 2012. You'll be happy to know that we were able to keep the Condo Fees $320.00 for 2012.

Here's how we did it:

One item which has impacted decisions on the budget this year is the transition and turnover which will happen on or about June 1, 2012. At a January Board meeting, we will be discussing the details of transition/turnover and will share more details with you then.

Attendees: Ken Bridgewater, Byron Gayman, Dennis Purnell, Tom McCann, Mike Ronayne

The Fells Volunteer Committee met on July 19th to briefly review and discuss subjects brought up at this year's annual meeting as well as any items that were identified and documented by the Volunteer Committee in the past. It was decided that the Volunteer Committee will meet at least once per quarter and more frequently if the need arises.

There are two high priority items we all agreed needed our immediate attention:

1.       One was documenting a thorough inventory of Association owned capital items that will eventually require fairly substantial re-investment as they near the end of their useful life. For example; roadways, septic system leech fields, pool equipment, clubhouse roof, etc. This would include a schedule of when these items will reach their "
end of life".

2.       The other related items was a calculation/recalculation of the amount of the Capital Budget (also referred to as the replacement reserve)  We have agreed that the funding of the Capital (or Replacement) Reserve account needs more attention so that we can change our funding now, if necessary, as opposed to a later date when we take over the Association.

Byron began this process last year and has a spreadsheet that is partially completed. We will update this spreadsheet to reflect as accurate an inventory and future cost projection as possible.

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