Earlier this year, the community was asked to participate in a survey developed by the Landscape Committee. Thank you to all who took part. A total of 87 responses were received with participation from all areas of the community. More than half of the responses included thoughtful comments and suggestions. You have given the committee a lot to consider. As a next step, the committee would like to share results of the survey. You can find a summary of responses and comments by  pdf clicking here (1.11 MB) .

What is the committee doing with this data?

The committee plans to use your responses to:

  1. Develop an overall vision / direction to guide future landscaping at the Fells.
  2. Develop a list of project recommendations and maintenance practices to implement this vision.
  3. Work with the board to prioritize projects and develop timelines.

There were a number of comments about LCA lawn care. Earlier this fall, the Association hired a new landscape maintenance contractor, Edmonds Landscaping, who will be responsible for lawn care next year. The committee and board want to give Edmonds some time to get established and become familiar with the Fells before considering further lawn care changes. 

The committee plans to work on the vision and initial project plans over the winter with a goal of updating the community in the spring. If you want to contact the committee, please email Rob Clemens (chair) at  You can also contact the board at   

The Landscaping and Grounds Committee
Rob Clemens (chair), Joan Ostrowski (secretary), Cecil Lancaster, Barbara Chase, John DeMeo, Bill Loscocco, Suzanne Francis (board rep), Elaine Francis (board rep)

important post it md

The 2019 Fells Annual Meeting is scheduled for Dec. 9 at 5pm. This is not the official notice of meeting. That will be mailed to your home in mid-November by either USPS mail OR certified mail. If you did not waive delivery by certified mail by Nov. 14, your packet is being sent by certified mail. The packages mailed to your home will include agenda. Please bring the contents with you since there will not be extra copies at the meeting.

This year, the meeting will be held at Souhegan High School, 412 Boston Post Rd, Amherst, NH. This is a new venue for Fells. At this meeting, in addition to updating the community on recent board efforts, we will be addressing three very important items:

  1. Vote to approve/disapprove revised condominium Declaration and By-laws. The documents we will vote on are available for your review on the Fells website.  pdf Click here for Declaration (310 KB)  and  pdf click here for ByLaws (527 KB) .                                     

Background on document revision:

As many of you know last year we initiated a project to update the Fell’s legal documentation, Declaration and By Laws.   The board held two community communication meetings last fall with our legal representative to answer questions that people had in reference to the proposed changes in these documents. 

At a third community meeting on September 18th, Jay Connor gave a presentation explaining why we are revising our Condo Docs, highlighting key changes and the voting process for approval. You can find Jay’s presentation by  pdf clicking here (689 KB)

  1. Vote to approve/disapprove the board’s proposed budget for 2020.
  1. Election of a member of the community to fill the board position that will be open due to the expiration of Elaine Francis’s term. She has decided not to run for reelection. If you are interested in running, you can submit a BOD nomination form or let us know at the meeting. Feel free to contact any current board member with questions.

You will be able to vote on these items by proxy if you are unable to attend this meeting. In order to revise our condo documents, 75% of ALL owners must vote to approve.  We will need your proxy votes!

A few updates to share – Oct 2019

Holiday Trash Pickup – October 19th

Due to the Columbus Day Holiday, trash pickup this week will be on Saturday, October 19. Andrew Knight has contacted Republic Trash to confirm the Saturday pickup so we should not see a repeat of the missed pickups we experienced on July 4th and Labor Day. We also wanted to let you know that Republic did give the Fells a credit for the missed pickups. Thanks to Andrew for arranging that.

BOD Candidate’s Night - Fireside Thursday on October 24th

As mentioned in a previous notice, the weekly Fireside Thursday event on October 24 from 5:00 to 7:00 will be BOD candidate’s night.This will be the usual informal gathering, but with a twist.  Some members of the board of directors will be present and will share information about the various tasks involved with being on the board. Residents who have decided to run for the open seat, or who are just thinking about it, are invited to come and share their interest in the board and why they are interested in running.

It will be a great way to meet candidates rather than a last minute introduction the night of the annual meeting, when we will be voting. And if you haven’t attended a weekly Fireside Thursday event, they are a great opportunity to meet neighbors.

New Contracts

As previously announced, Edmonds Landscaping has been hired as the Fells landscape maintenance and snow removal contractor starting with this winter’s snow season. The new contracts are posted on the website. You can find them by clicking  pdf here for landscape maintenance (324 KB) and  pdf here for snow removal (248 KB) .

The property management contract with Foxfire has been renewed. To help better educate home owners as to what services are covered by this contract, a summary can be found by  pdf clicking here (105 KB) .  

Thank You

Thanks to all who were able to help on our community clean-up day!  We had a record turnout and were able to accomplish a lot! And the wonderful Fells’ bakers nourished us when done! What a wonderful community we have!

And if anyone found a missing small rake, please let Elaine Francis know.

September 18th Community Meeting Follow-up:

Thank you to all who attended this week’s meeting. If you missed the meeting, you can find meeting notes by   pdf clicking here (509 KB) .

At the meeting, Jay Connor gave a presentation explaining why we are revising our Condo Docs, highlighting key changes and the voting process for approval. You can find Jay’s presentation by   pdf clicking here (689 KB) .  The draft docs can be found by   pdf clicking here for Declaration (309 KB)  and   pdf clicking here by ByLaws (525 KB) . Any comments should be sent to board by mid- October. This will give the board time to review prior to compiling the final draft which the community will vote on at the annual meeting.

The community will be changing landscaping and snow removal contractor to Edmonds Landscaping starting with this winter’s snow season. The process by which the board made this decision is discussed in the meeting notes. More details on this transition will be provided later.

We hope many residents will attend the Fells community meeting planned for September 18 from 6:30-8:30pm. During this meeting, we will focus on the Fells Condo Docs but we plan to cover several other topics. Agenda can be found at end of this message. 

The meeting is currently planned to be held at the clubhouse. Since space is limited, we will be offering the option of remote participation via a conference call. If you are interested in remote participation, please reply to this email.  

Fells Condo Docs - Background and links to draft documents:

As many of you know last year we initiated a project to update the Fell’s legal documentation, Declaration and By Laws. The board held two community communication meetings last fall with our legal representative to answer questions that people had in reference to the proposed changes in these documents. The board decided not to move forward last year with a vote of the Association to approve the documents until some of the issues raised were resolved. During the communication meeting on Sept 18th, we will discuss:

  • Why are we proposing a change to the documents?
  • Highlight some of the key changes.
  • Discuss the voting process for approval of the documents.

We will not be going through the documents in detail at the communications meeting.  We are making the draft documents available early so that you have the opportunity to review these documents prior to the meeting and provide us with your feedback. There will not be a legal representative at the communications meeting. The documents are available on the website by  pdf clicking here for Declaration (309 KB)  and  pdf clicking here for ByLaws (525 KB) . Note that you must be logged into your Fells website account to access.             

Many of you will note that some of the detailed rules and regulations are no longer included in the Declaration and By Laws documents. These have been moved to a Rules and Regulations document.   A draft of this document has been put together by the Policy Committee and will be forwarded at a later time. The rationale and approval of this approach will be explained in the meeting.    

Meeting Agenda: 

  • Introductions
  • 2019 Financial Update
  • Fells Condo Docs
  • 2020 Budget Planning
  • General Q&A

Upcoming Events

12/09/2019 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Private Event (Bridgewater)
12/09/2019 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
The Fells Annual Meeting
12/09/2019 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Men's Poker Night

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