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Ruth B’s “Lost Boy” is easily the most unusual song on the Hot 100: when it cracked the top 50 earlier this month, it was the only unadorned piano ballad on the chart’s top half, no small feat. It’s also the only song on the chart inspired by a more than century-old play.

That play is Peter Pan, first staged in 1904 and currently enjoying something of a moment in pop music. Last summer, an album with the same theme was released to accompany the musical Finding Neverland, but despite contributions from Nick Jonas, Jennifer Lopez, and Zendaya, nothing cracked the Hot 100. But Ruth B’s out-of-nowhere success -- she was an unknown without a record deal before “Lost Boy” -- suggests that the problem was with the execution rather than the concept. And Peter Pan’s appeal transcends genres: while “Lost Boy” climbs the charts, country listeners are warming to Kelsea Ballerini’s “Peter Pan,” No. 28 and climbing on the Hot Country Songs chart.

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Artist's rendition of downtown Sandpoint, Idaho - Home of Solar RoadwaysArtist's rendition of downtown Sandpoint, Idaho - Home of Solar RoadwaysIt may take another 20 years but I am willing to bet that this technology will one day see the light of day.

I had seen an article about this technology 3 or 4 years ago and thought it was pretty exciting then. Apparently the inventors are still going strong. The following video is a little "glitzy" bu the technology is real. be nice to see it used in some areas in my lifetime.

Think we could convince the Board and the Community to replace the roads in The Fells with these? Cool

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cat in the sbow

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Thought this was funny - hope you do as well...


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bob videoAh... Young Love - it's a wonderful thing.

Thanks to Ruth Gayman for sharing this short and entertaining video! Enjoy!

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american-chunkerWhile it might be considered an act of vandalism to chuck a pumpkin off your neighbor's porch, it's wholeheartedly encouraged at the WCPCA – that is, the World Championship Punkin Chunkin Association. This nonprofit association has been encouraging chunkin' pumpkins since 1986 and has been picked up as a special show on the Science Channel garnering even more attention for the annual sport of pumpkin hurling.

Participants use mechanical devices which have included slingshots, catapults, centrifugals, trebuchets and pneumatic air cannons to hurl a pumpkin as far as they can. When Brian Labrie, president of Hollis, N.H.-based B.H. Labrie Landscaping, first saw it on TV, he had to check it out for himself.

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The same values that pushed B.H. Labrie Landscaping forward a decade ago have catapulted them to success today.


Brian Labrie doesn't quite know why he had such a strong gut feeling, but he could sense a recession coming well before it was even in the cards. When Lawn & Landscape first interviewed the president of Hollis, N.H.-based B.H. Labrie Landscaping back in 2002, he saw enough folks cutting back that he began to fear the loss of some residential clients

That's when he made the decision to add commercial work to his line-up. Making that switch almost 10 years ago has paid dividends. When the residential market took a hard fall, Labrie was already well-established in the commercial sector. That's one of many reasons the company has more than quadrupled in size since we last caught up with them.

Labrie credits running lean – not only in bad times, but also in good ones – as a key to success.

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